ASSURE Powered Toilet Riser

ASSURE Powered Toilet Riser

Consider several options if you are in the market for a Powered Toilet Riser.

These options include the Elongated Medway Easy Toilet Riser, Powered Dignity Deluxe Toilet Lift, and Lift Assure Elongated Macerating Toilet Kit.

Hi-Fortune Toilet Lift Seat with Handles, Auto Lifting Toilet Chair with Easy Installation, Seat to Stand Incline Commode for Seniors, Elderly, Handicap, 450lbs Weight Capacity, White (TLS200)
  • Hi-Fortune Toilet Lift is a functional, unobtrusive solution to toileting independently. The slimline, battery-powered lift mimics a natural standing movement, gently lowering and raising the user on and off the toilet at the simple touch of a button
  • Using the toilet lift is simple with an easy-to-use operating switch built into the right-hand arm. The armrests provide added support and comfort to you. The armrests can be raised to facilitate side transfer and create more space in the bathroom if required
  • With minimum installation, the toilet lift can be placed over an existing toilet. This enables you to the toilet independently, thus providing a higher level of dignity and causing no embarrassment to the individual. When in its down position, the lift functions as a normal toilet seat and can be used by any member of the household
  • The bathroom by its very nature demands products that are easy to clean. The Hi-Fortune Toilet Lift has smooth wipe-clean surfaces that require no more cleaning than that of an existing toilet
  • Strong power and support, decrease the risk of falls and boosts confidence. Enables to maintain independence and use the bathroom alone

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Pros and Cons


  1. Convenience: The ASSURE Powered Toiletiser eliminates the need for manual assistance in getting on and off the toilet. It provides a smooth and comfortable experience for individuals with mobility difficulties or disabilities.
  2. Independence: This toilet riser allows users to maintain their independence and privacy. It reduces their reliance on caregivers or family members for toilet assistance.
  3. Adjustable height: The riser can be adjusted to different heights, allowing users to customize it according to their needs and preferences. This ensures optimal comfort and accessibility.
  4. Easy installation: The can be easily installed onto most standard toilets without requiring extensive modifications or professional assistance.


  1. Cost: The powered toilet riser can be expensive compared to traditional toilet risers or other mobility aids. This may make it inaccessible to individuals with limited financial means or inadequate insurance coverage.
  2. Dependence on electricity: Since the toilet riser requires power to operate, there is a dependency on a stable electrical source. The device may become non-functional in case of power outages or electrical malfunctions.
  3. Maintenance and repairs: Like any electrical device, the powered toilet riser may require regular maintenance or repairs. This can add additional costs and inconvenience for the user.
  4. Limited compatibility: While the ASSURE Powered Toilet Riser can fit onto most standard toilets, it may not be compatible with all toilet models or configurations. Users need to ensure compatibility before purchasing.

Overall, while the ASSURE Powered Toilet Riser offers convenience and independence to individuals with mobility challenges, it is important to consider the associated costs, maintenance requirements, and potential limitations before making a purchase decision.

Lift Assure Elongated Macerating Toilet Kit

The “Lift Assure Elongated Macerating Toilet Kit” is a type of bathroom fixture that allows for the installation of a toilet in spaces where a traditional gravity-fed plumbing system is not available or feasible. Here are detailed aspects of the product:

Design and Appearance:

  • Elongated Bowl: The toilet features an elongated bowl design, providing extra comfort and is considered more ergonomic than round bowls.
  • Styling: It typically has a modern and sleek design, fitting well with contemporary bathroom aesthetics.

Macerating System:

  • Macerator Pump: This core component differentiates it from standard toilets. The macerator pump grinds waste into a fine slurry, which is then pumped through small-diameter piping to the existing sewer line.
  • Effluent Pumping: The system can pump effluent upward and horizontally over a considerable distance, which is essential for basement bathrooms or any installations below the main sewer line level.

Installation and Setup:

  • Versatility: The kit is designed for DIY installation, making it suitable for residential use in basements, garage conversions, or additions where conventional plumbing isn’t practical.
  • Components: It usually includes all the necessary components for installation, such as the macerator pump unit, toilet bowl, toilet tank, and a soft-close seat.


  • Waste Removal: The unit effectively handles human waste and toilet paper.
  • Capacity: Some models can also be connected to additional fixtures like a sink or a shower for added functionality.

Water Efficiency:

  • Flush Volume: These toilets often have a dual-flush system that allows for water conservation by providing liquid or solid waste options, using less water than traditional toilets per flush.


  • Cleaning: Regular cleaning is recommended to keep the unit functioning properly and to prevent odors.
  • Serviceable Parts: In case of issues, the macerating unit is usually designed to be easily accessible for repairs or replacement of parts.


  • Power Supply: Requires an electrical power source to operate the macerator pump.
  • Certifications: Look for certifications that ensure compliance with relevant plumbing codes and standards.

Warranty and Support:

  • Manufacturer Warranty: Often comes with a warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship for a certain period.
  • Customer Support: Manufacturers typically offer customer support for troubleshooting and guidance.

Before purchasing or installing a macerating toilet system like the Lift Assure Elongated Macerating Toilet Kit, it’s important to review local building codes and regulations and understand the maintenance requirements and long-term costs associated with these systems.

MCombo Electric Toilet Seat Lift with Padded Arms for Elderly and Disabled, Power Toilet Incline Lift in Bathroom, Support to 320lbs, SEC212W
  • Who benefits from a power toilet seat lift? Designed to help the elderly and anyone who have limited mobility squat down and get up from the toilet independently and safely, so they can use the bathroom alone.
  • Suitable for most household toilets with the lip of the bowl between 14‘’-19‘’ high. You can adjust the toilet lift height so that it fit your toilet properly by twisit the mounts.
  • frame and OKIN motor: Built with a heavy-duty, and easy-to-clean molded metal frame that can support up to 320 pounds. This motor with plash-resistant design allows toilet seat lift to function efficiently in wet environments.
  • Foldable padding handles: The adjustable handles create more space for the user’s body to move, allowing for greater comfort during transfers. Non-slip padded handles also provides a secure grip for users.
  • About installation: With detailed instructions, even a novice can install this product in approximately 30 minutes. Also, there is the installation videos for further guidance.

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Powered Dignity Deluxe Toilet Lift

The Powered Dignity Deluxe Toilet Lift is a device to assist individuals with toilet issues.

It provides a safe and convenient way to lower and raise oneself onto and off of the toilet seat reducing the need for manual lifting or assistance from a caregiver.

Key Features:

  1. Motorized Lift: The toilet lift is powered by a motor that smoothly lowers and raises the user. This eliminates the need for physical strength and ensures a controlled and comfortable descent and ascent.
  2. Height Adjustability: The device allows for customizable height adjustment to accommodate different users’ needs and preferences. This feature ensures that individuals of various heights can comfortably use the toilet.
  3. Compact Design: The toilet lift has a slim and compact design that does not take up much space in the bathroom. It can be easily installed on most toilets without requiring any major modifications.
  4. Safety Features: The Powered Dignity Deluxe Toilet Lift prioritizes user safety. It includes safety sensors that detect obstructions and immediately stop the movement if something is in the way. This prevents accidents and provides peace of mind.
  5. Easy-to-Use Controls: The toilet lift features simple and intuitive controls, typically operated by a handheld remote. Users can effortlessly operate the lift and adjust the height according to their needs.
  6. Easy Maintenance: The device is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. It is made of and water-resistant materials that can withstand regular use and cleaning.
  7. Weight Capacity: The Powered Dignity Deluxe Toilet Lift is built to support individuals of varying weights. The weight capacity of the device depends on the specific model and can range from around 300 to 400 pounds.

Note: It is essential to consult with a healthcare professional or occupational therapist to determine if the Powered Dignity Deluxe Toilet Lift is suitable for an individual’s specific needs and level of mobility.

ASSURE Powered Toilet Riser – Final Overview

The ASSURE Powered Toilet Riser is a device designed to aid individuals with mobility challenges, making it easier for them to sit down and stand up from the toilet. Below is a final overview of this product:


  • Lift Assistance: The riser provides powered lifting assistance to help users move from a sitting to a standing position and vice versa, reducing strain on knees, hips, and arms.
  • Control: Typically equipped with an easy-to-use control mechanism, which may be a button or a remote, allowing the user to operate the lift function as needed.


  • Toilet Fit: Designed to fit most standard elongated toilets, ensuring it can be used in a variety of bathroom setups without requiring a new toilet.
  • Weight Capacity: It usually supports a substantial amount of weight, accommodating a wide range of users.


  • Ease of Installation: The riser is designed for easy installation on top of an existing toilet, requiring minimal tools and modifications to the bathroom.
  • Non-Invasive: Since installation typically doesn’t involve major plumbing changes, it’s a favorable option for rental properties or temporary needs.


  • Comfort: The seat height is increased by the riser, which can aid in comfort and ease of use for taller individuals or those who find standard toilet seats too low.
  • Aesthetics: While the riser is a functional device, manufacturers often design it to blend with bathroom decor to keep the environment pleasant and home-like.

Safety Features:

  • Stability: The riser should be securely attached to the toilet to prevent any movement during use, ensuring the user’s safety.
  • Support Arms: Many models come with support arms or handles to provide additional stability and assistance.


  • Rechargeable Battery: Often powered by a rechargeable battery, making it usable even during a power outage.
  • Electrical Safety: Designed with safety features to prevent electrical hazards in the moist bathroom environment.


  • Materials: Typically constructed from materials that are easy to clean and resistant to bacteria to maintain hygiene.
  • Accessibility: The design should allow for easy cleaning of the riser and the toilet.

Certifications and Compliance:

  • Medical Device Certification: This may be classified as medical equipment (DME), adhering to specific standards for safety and reliability.
  • ADA Compliance: Some models are designed to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, ensuring accessibility for users with disabilities.

Warranty and Support:

  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: Usually comes with a warranty that provides coverage against defects and malfunctions.
  • Customer Service: Manufacturer support for troubleshooting, parts replacement, and general inquiries is typically available.

Users considering an ASSURE Powered Toilet Riser should consult with healthcare providers for compatibility with their specific needs and ensure that installation follows the manufacturer’s guidelines for safety and functionality.

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