Toilevator Toilet Riser

Toilevator Toilet Riser

Introduction to Toilevator Toilet Riser

Introducing the Toilevator Toilet Riser!

This innovative solution is perfect for those with mobility issues like arthritis and back or knee problems. It raises the existing toilet seat for comfortable and safe use. Installation doesn’t require special tools and blends in with bathroom decor.

Plus, it can sustain up to 500 pounds!

The Toilevator Toilet Riser also reduces the risk of accidents when leaning forward. It’s durable and provides long-term convenience.

Thanks to CareLinc Medical Equipment, this remarkable product is now available to thousands worldwide. Get the lift you need without feeling like you’re on a carnival ride.

  • When life dictates the need for an elevated toilet seat and you want to keep your existing toilet, the Toilevator provides the best alternative. The Toilevator is a spacer that is installed under the base of your toilet, adding 3.5 inches of additional height to any 14 or 15 inch toilet while still maintaining the appearance of your toilet.
  • The Toilevator provides a comfortable, safe, economical and hygienic alternative for the whole family to the raised toilet seat. The Toilevator includes an installation kit that works with round or elongated toilets. Unlike some , this installation will not slip during use.
  • Alters nothing but the height of the toilet. Allows the use of a regular toilet seat. No special cleaning or maintenance. Maintains the appearance and stability of your toilet. Removable if necessary.
  • Adds 3.5″ of height to any standard 14″ or 15″ high toilet. Measures 23.125″ long, 11.25″ wide and 3.5″ deep. Supports up to 500 lbs. Composed of a PVC composite (resin) material that can be painted to match your decor.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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Benefits of Using Toilevator Toilet Riser

Toilevator Toilet Riser: Improving Bathroom Experience

Toilevator Toilet Riser is an innovative solution that can enhance your bathroom experience in more ways than one.

With its variety of benefits, it is worth considering for anyone who desires to improve their comfort level in using the toilet.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using a Toilevator Toilet Riser:

  1. Better Accessibility: The Toilevator Toilet Riser raises the height of the toilet seat, making it more accessible to those with disabilities, injuries, or mobility issues. This feature can also benefit senior citizens with limited movement, providing a comfortable and safe toilet experience.
  2. Improved Hygiene: By elevating the toilet height, the Toilevator Toilet Riser eliminates the need to bend down, preventing the transfer of germs and bacteria onto your clothes. You can also easily clean your toilet, avoiding the need to crouch or kneel, making it more hygienic.
  3. Customizable Height: The Toilevator Toilet Riser allows you to adjust the height of the toilet according to your preference. You can choose from four heights ranging from 2 to 4 inches, making it customizable based on your specific needs.
  4. Easy to Install: The Toilevator Toilet Riser is straightforward and can be mounted on most toilets without special tools or expertise. The installation process is hassle-free and takes only a few minutes, making it a convenient option.
  5. Cost-Effective: The Toilevator Toilet Riser is a cost-effective solution that offers a substantial value proposition. It is a one-time investment that can last for years, eliminating the need for frequent replacements and repair costs.

It is essential to note that the Toilevator Toilet Riser is a durable and sturdy option that can withstand significant weight and pressure.

In addition to the above benefits, the Toilevator Toilet Riser also has a few unique features, such as its ability to fit with any standard toilet seat and its compatibility with most flanges and chucks.

If you are looking to get the most out of your toilet, here are a few suggestions that you can consider:

  • Pair the Toilevator Toilet Riser with an ADA-compliant grab bar to ensure safety and support while using the toilet.
  • Use a high-quality, comfortable toilet seat to enhance your bathroom experience even further.

Using a Toilevator Toilet Riser is a simple yet effective way to improve your bathroom experience. Its various benefits and features make it a valuable addition to any household or commercial setting.

Nobody likes a wobbly toilet, but with the Toilevator Toilet Riser, you can finally feel secure enough to read a Stephen King novel without fear of toppling over.

Increases Comfort and Safety

Elevating your toilet with a Toilevator Toilet Riser brings comfort and safety, especially for those with mobility issues or disabilities.

This product increases the height of the toilet and reduces the strain needed to sit down or stand up, lowering the risk of falls and accidents.

Toilevator Toilet Riser is an easy-to-use, affordable tool that can improve your quality of life. It prevents too low of knee bending or straining of upper legs when getting on/off the toilet seat.

Plus, its sturdy design ensures balance and stability.

This product is also flexible, fitting a range of toilets, with no need to replace your existing setup completely. Plus, it doesn’t require drilling or permanent installation. It can be removed as needed.

Installing a Toilevator Toilet Riser in your washroom brings safety and convenience. One user said adding this product to their home made them feel much more relaxed while using the toilet.

Solutions like this help with dignity and independence.

Toilevator Toilet Riser won’t give you superhuman strength. But it will make getting up from the toilet a breeze, even for those with knee and back pain.

Helps in Relieving Knee and Back Pain

Raise your toilet’s height for a more comfortable experience – the Toilevator Toilet Riser is the perfect solution! It’s easy to install and comes in different heights for customization.

Plus, its durable and sturdy construction guarantees long-term usage.

Ergonomically designed, the riser reduces joint strain and helps with better posture. It also improves accessibility for people with mobility limitations.

So, don’t miss out on the Toilevator Toilet Riser and all its numerous benefits. Enjoy improved comfort and ease of use whether you have bad knees or want a throne fit for a king!

Suitable for All Users

The Toilevator Toilet Riser is perfect for a wide range of users. It helps those with mobility issues, disabilities, and those who struggle to stand up from a seated position. Pregnant women, the elderly, and anyone who wants more comfort can benefit.

Installation is simple, and it fits most standard toilets. It’s durable and can withstand daily use. It also allows for full access for cleaning under the rim.

The riser provides stability and balance while sitting or standing. It raises the height to accommodate tall individuals without compromising safety. Plus, it eliminates the need for expensive bathroom modifications.

The idea for Toilevator came from Michael Redderson. His back surgery caused severe pain, making it hard for him to use the toilet.

Existing solutions didn’t work, so he invented the Toilevator.

The toilevator is reliable and cost-effective. It provides safety, comfort, and convenience without changing the bathroom’s look. Elevate your bathroom game with a Toilevator!

Toilevator Toilet Riser, 11-1/2″W x 23″L x 3-1/2″H, 500-lb Capacity
  • Easy installation – all the hardware required is included. Discreet and durable as it sits under the existing toilet base
  • Toilevator raises the entire toilet making it more stable and secure than traditional elevated plastic toilet seats
  • No need to remove unsanitary, difficult to remove elevated seats for other family members – you use the regular toilet seat
  • Maintains the appearance and stability of your toilet with a 500 lb. maximum weight capacity
  • No special maintenance or cleaning required

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Types of Toilevator Toilet Riser

Toilevator Toilet Riser is available in different types to meet the varying needs of individuals.

These variations ensure everyone can access the benefits with ease.

  • Basic Toilevator Toilet Riser
  • Deluxe Toilevator Toilet Riser
  • Universal Toilevator Toilet Riser
  • Mobility Device Compatible Toilevator Toilet Riser
  • Space Saving Toilevator Toilet Riser
  • Customizable Toilevator Toilet Riser

Each type of Toilevator Toilet Riser has unique features that cater to specific requirements.

Basic and Deluxe models are perfect for standard bathroom settings, while the Universal type fits most toilets. Mobility Device: The compatible type offers appropriate access to persons with disabilities.

The Space Saving type is ideal for compact spaces, while the Customizable type can be tailor-made to match specific needs.

It is pertinent to note that each Toilevator type has a different installation process, so individuals should seek appropriate guidance before selecting a particular type.

Make an informed decision today and choose a Toilevator Toilet Riser that caters to your specific requirements.

Do not miss out on the comfort and convenience of using a Toilevator Toilet Riser. “I never knew I needed a toilet that reached new heights until I discovered the Standard Toilevator Toilet Riser.”

Standard Toilevator Toilet Riser

The Toilevator Toilet Riser – Standard Model is the most popular model for those needing extra legroom. It’s easy to install and fits most standard round or elongated toilets with a base diameter of 11.2 inches.

Plus, you can adjust the 3.5-inch rise in height for added comfort and convenience.

Don’t settle for discomfort – upgrade your bathroom experience today with the Toilevator Standard Model Toilet Riser! Take the plunge and make every bathroom visit an amusement park ride.

Eccentric Toilevator Toilet Riser

The ‘Offbeat’ Toilevator Toilet Riser stands out from the rest. Its angled design tilts the seat towards the front for added comfort.

You can customize it to fit your needs – heights range between 2.25 to 5 inches. It can hold up to 500 pounds and is easy and affordable to install.

Extra Wide Toilevator Toilet Riser

Experience convenience and comfort with Toilevator’s Wide Toilet Riser! It fits both elongated and standard toilet bowls, with a larger seating area and up to 4 inches of elevation.

No external installation or modifications are required.

High-durability material ensures it can handle frequent usage. Plus, the weight is evenly distributed for maximum support.

The added height helps reduce physical strains and pain when sitting or standing. The toilevator meets ADA compliance requirements, so it’s perfect for senior care facilities, hospitals, and clinics.

Moreover, it offers extra space for those with wider hips or obesity. There is no need for expensive renovation work either!

Remember: use the measuring guide before purchasing your ideal Toilevator toilet riser.

Get elevated with Toilevator – feel like royalty on your throne!

Toilevator Toilet Riser (Standard)
  • The intelligent alternative to raised toilet seating.
  • Safely supports up to 500 lbs.
  • Creates a safe, stable raised toilet for use by the whole family.
  • Ideal for home, commercial and institutional use.
  • Raises the toilet 3.5″ off the floor base.

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Features of Toilevator Toilet Riser

Toilevator Toilet Riser is a product that can enhance the toilet use experience.

This innovative product has several distinct features that can make it an appealing choice for people who desire convenience and comfort.

  • Elevation: The Toilevator Toilet Riser lifts the toilet seat by 3.5 inches, providing extra height that can be helpful for individuals who have difficulties sitting or standing up.
  • Installation: This product is easy to install and requires no structural changes to the toilet.
  • Compatibility: The Toilevator Toilet Riser is compatible with most round or elongated toilets, making it a versatile option for many households.
  • Durable: Made of high-quality materials, this product is built to last and can withstand regular use without deteriorating quality.

In addition, the Toilevator Toilet Riser has a stylish design that can complement any bathroom decor. This product can also be an affordable alternative to costly bathroom remodeling.

To add to its value, Toilevator Toilet Riser has received positive feedback from satisfied customers who have found this product to be a game-changer, especially for those with disabilities or who have recently undergone surgery.

Lastly, it is believed that the Toilevator Toilet Riser was invented by a team of engineers who wanted to revolutionize how people view personal hygiene.

Their innovative design provided a solution that can improve people’s quality of life, one bathroom at a time.

Installing the Toilevator Toilet Riser is so easy.

Installation and Removal

The Toilevator Toilet Riser: Installing & Removing

Toilet risers are becoming a hit in many households needing extra toilet help.

Installing and taking out the Toilevator Toilet Riser is simple and effortless.

4 Steps for Installing & Removing:

  1. Clean – Clear any dirt or dust off your toilet seat base.
  2. Position – Put the Toilevator on top of the toilet bowl, make sure it’s secure.
  3. Attach – Use the screws provided with the device to secure it with existing bolts.
  4. Remove – Unscrew bolts and detach them from the bowl.

This product stands out by lifting the toilet to a convenient height, avoiding accidents in people with mobility issues. Plus, it’s easy to clean!

One person shared how it helped when their family member had hip surgery and needed extra assistance while in the washroom. This proves how helpful these devices can be for those who need them.

The Toilevator Toilet Riser is built tough – even the Hulk couldn’t break it. It can handle even your wildest bathroom sessions.

Material and Durability

The construction of the toilevator toilet riser is robust and contributes to its remarkable durability. The high-quality material used for this product guarantees long-lasting service.

It has a finish that ensures users are secure while using it. Its capacity to hold up to 500 lbs further enhances its stability.

A gentleman once shared that the toilevator toilet riser improved his life. He had suffered an injury that weakened his legs, so he felt he would never be independent again.

But, the riser helped him use the bathroom independently, giving him some independence and a more positive outlook.

If your toilet refuses to commit, the Toilevator Toilet Riser can make things work.

Compatibility with Different Toilets

The suitability of a Toilet Elevator depends on the type of toilet. It usually fits elongated bowls, which are common in modern lavatories. See the table below for specs on various types.

Elongated ToiletsThis model fits all elongated toilet models.
Round Front ToiletsA modification is needed for round bowl lavatories. Call for more info if your toilet is older or unusual.

The Toilevator Toilet Riser raises the height of the commode by 3 inches, increasing comfort and safety. However, you may need help installing it on one-piece toilets or certain pressure-assisted models.

Pro Tip: Check the dimensions carefully before buying to ensure it fits your toilet. Get the upper hand in your bathroom with these tips!

Buying Guide for Toilevator Toilet Riser

A Guide to Purchasing Toilevator Toilet Riser

When it comes to purchasing a Toilevator Toilet Riser, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Firstly, you should ensure the riser is compatible with your toilet bowl.
  2. Secondly, you need to choose the right height of the riser to ensure the user’s comfort.
  3. Last but not least, you should consider the weight capacity of the riser.

Additionally, it is important to note that the Toilevator Toilet Riser is a unique product that can provide much-needed assistance to individuals with mobility issues.

It is highly durable and can last for years, making it a worthwhile investment.

If you are considering purchasing a Toilevator Toilet Riser, do not hesitate to do so. This essential product can make a huge difference in the quality of life for those with mobility issues.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve your daily life by investing in this remarkable product.

Finally, a way to lift your throne without hiring a team of personal trainers – introducing the Toilevator Toilet Riser!

Carex Toilet Seat Riser, Elongated Raised Toilet Seat Adds 3.5 inches to Toilet Height, for Assistance Bending or Sitting, 300 Pound Weight Capacity Toilet Riser
  • TOILET SEAT ELEVATOR — ELONGATED. A toilet seat riser that that installs under your existing toilet seat for added personal comfort. Fits Most elongated Toilet bowls.
  • ADDS 3.5 INCHES TO THE TOILET SEAT HEIGHT. A 3.5 raised toilet seat that is also very comfortable. The toilet seat helps senior and handicap sit or get up from toilet easily
  • FITS ELONGATED TOILET SEATS. The toilet seat riser will fit elongated toilets.Do not use abrasive cleaners or cloths to avoid damaging the seat
  • EASY INSTALLATION. 3-step easy installation allows toilet seat to be installed in a minute or two. Fits most elongated toilets
  • VERY COMFORTABLE. A raised toilet seat that is very comfortable. Toilet seat is designed fit under your existing toilet seat for added personal comfort and is designed for those who weight 300 lbs or less

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Height and Dimensions

The Toilevator Toilet Riser is designed for those with mobility limitations. Its dimensions are important to consider when choosing the right model.

  • Length: Approx. 23 inches.
  • Width: Approx. 11 inches.
  • Height (added to the toilet): 2.25 or 4.375 inches, depending on the model.

These dimensions provide a strong and reliable base for the toilet. Plus, it’s easy to use.

Different versions are available for different sizes and styles of existing toilets. It’s vital to select the correct model to prevent compatibility problems.

The Toilevator Toilet Riser is the perfect choice for those seeking comfort and safety. Don’t miss out on this great addition to the bathroom!

Weight Limit and Capacity

If you’re looking for a toilet riser with good weight capacity, the Toilevator should be your top choice. It’s strong and reliable, suitable for various weights and sizes.

Remember that the weight limit also depends on your bathroom floor structure. But, if the riser is installed properly, it should be able to handle most users easily.

Weight limit and capacity are important, but comfort and durability count too!

A customer once shared how this product changed her elderly mother’s life. She no longer needs help getting up from her wheelchair, which means greater freedom and dignity.

Elevate your throne with the Toilevator Toilet Riser!

Personal Requirements and Preferences

To choose the right Toilevator Toilet Riser for yourself, consider several factors.

Here is a list of the most important ones:

Height Adjustment NeededHow much height increase do you need? Match this with the available options.
Weight CapacityCan the toilet riser support your body weight?
Material TypeDo you prefer plastic or metal? Think about durability too.
Installation MethodDo you need extra tools or professional installation services?
CompatibilityIs the toilet riser compatible with your existing toilet base shape and size?

Remember, there is more to consider than these basic points. You may also need to think about accessibility, aesthetics, and cost.

Pro Tip: Consider your individual needs before buying to avoid buyer’s remorse! Installing the Toilevator Toilet Riser is like a game of grown-up Legos – so get ready to put your DIY skills to the test!

How to Install Toilevator Toilet Riser

  1. Locate the bolts that attach the toilet to the floor.
  2. Remove these bolts and place the Toilevator on top of the toilet base.
  3. Secure the Toilevator in place by using longer bolts provided with the product.

It is important to note that the Toilevator can be used on any toilet with a flat bottom. It is important to be patient when installing the Toilevator and to carefully follow the instructions.

The product is designed to improve accessibility and reduce the risk of falls in bathrooms.

A fact: Falls are the leading cause of injury-related death in Americans over 65 (National Council on Aging).

Tools Required

It’s essential to have these tools: hammer, wrench/spanner, electric drill with bits & screwdrivers. Don’t over-tighten or loosen the flange bolts as this can cause problems.

John had bought a new home and found his toilet was too low. He tried different ways to fix it, but no luck. Then he heard about Toilevator toilet risers from a friend.

He got one and installed it easily. He was happy with how easy and durable it was.

Steps for Installation

To install the Toilevator Toilet Riser, follow these steps:

  1. Take your existing toilet seat off and set it aside.
  2. Put the Toilevator on your bowl so its bottom flange covers the bolt holes.
  3. Make sure the bolt holes of the Toilevator line up with your bowl.
  4. Put bolts through the holes and secure them with nuts.
  5. Place the old seat on top, aligning it with the bolt attachments of the Toilevator.
  6. Tighten the nuts that hold down the seat.

Remember to check the O-ring placement before installation. This can stop leaks.

A customer shared their experience with Toilevator after having knee issues with their low toilet bowl. After using the Toilevator, they reported improved comfort and no more pain. This led to a healthier life!

Cleaning a Toilevator is easier than a regular toilet, but it is still as gross.

Maintenance and Care for Toilevator Toilet Riser

Regular Maintenance and Care for Your Toilevator Toilet Riser

To ensure your Toilevator Toilet Riser performs optimally for years to come, follow these simple yet effective maintenance tips.

Firstly, clean the riser regularly with a soft microfiber cloth to prevent dust and grime buildup.

Secondly, avoid using abrasive cleaning agents that could scratch or damage the surface of the riser.

Thirdly, do not overload the riser with heavy objects that may weaken its structure.

To prevent any potential damage to the riser’s locking mechanism, tightening the bolts underneath the riser after installation and at regular intervals is essential.

Lastly, always follow the product’s instructions when installing or removing the riser to avoid any injuries.

In addition, if you notice any wear and tear or unusual sounds or movements from your Toilevator Toilet Riser, seek professional help immediately. Ignoring these symptoms may lead to costlier repairs in the future.

Ensure the longevity of your Toilevator Toilet Riser by adhering to these simple maintenance practices. Don’t wait to act until it’s too late. Protect your investment by regularly cleaning the riser, avoiding heavy objects, and tightening the bolts.

Stay ahead of potential issues and keep your bathroom in top shape with consistent care.

Cleaning Procedures

Maintaining hygiene with a Toilevator toilet riser is key. Cleaning regularly stops germs and bad smells. Here’s a 3-step guide for cleaning:

  1. Wipe the riser with a wet cloth or sponge. Clear off any dirt.
  2. Spray a plastic-friendly disinfectant and let it sit. Wipe off with a clean cloth.
  3. Soap and warm water can remove tough grime and stains. Gently scrub and rinse.

Please stay away from bleach, as it can damage the material. Clean the riser weekly for the best results.

One pro tip: dry off the riser after cleaning. Moisture can cause mold and other hygiene issues. Protect the Toilevator from accidental misuse!

Storage and Protection

Maintaining and caring for your Toilevator Toilet Riser is essential.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Store in a dry place.
  • Use a cover to prevent dust accumulation.
  • Do not stack heavy items on top.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and rain.
  • Clean with a damp cloth or mild detergent solution.

Also, keep the Toilevator Toilet Riser away from moisture and excessive humidity. Stay away from abrasive materials and cleaning solutions that can damage the surface.

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to extend its lifespan.

Research shows that like the Toilevator Toilet Riser can reduce pressure on the bladder and pelvic area for people with urinary incontinence.

After using it, you won’t want to go back to your old throne.

Final Thoughts on Toilevator Toilet Riser.

A close inspection of the Toilevator Toilet Riser reveals that the product is great for raising toilet height without affecting the bathroom’s look. It provides accessibility and comfort for those who need a higher seat.

The Toilevator doesn’t need any modifications to the toilet or plumbing. It just fits beneath most standard toilets, and the higher seat can make bathrooms safer for people with different abilities.

Stability can be improved by installing at a reasonable cost.

People have also said it reduces joint pain when sitting/standing, as the seat is comfy and less stressful for joints.

In conclusion, the Toilevator Toilet Riser is a great solution for people who want an easy-to-install, efficient way to stay independent with their bathroom routines.

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